do you see what i see?

I'm gonna get my camera soon :D:D
Then I'll finally be able to post a lot of today's outfits :D
On Saturday, I might go to the Elite Model Look Casting in City Concorde/Bertrange.
I'm not sure yet if I can made it for Saturday, if not, I'll just go to the seconde one which is one month later.
I have the right size/age and everything and my parents want me to go there because they say that I'm a special type of girl, and so on.
What do you think?
xoxo :)
(P.S.: Gimmie tips on how I should colour my hair! Going to the hairdresser soon :P)


Anonymous said...

if u wanna be a model, you should wash your hair first

Anonymous said...

ginger would suit you well! :)