When I got home from school today, I found a little parcel on the kitchen table. Mum told me that I got post from Sweden and wondered from who it was. I had a closer look on it. Of course! My Voodolls arrived! I wondered how quick they arrived, because I’ve only ordered them on Sunday. I opened the parcel, and what I found in it was a letter from the producer, my two Voodolls and another very cute handmade key ring pendant. The two Voodolls I’ve ordered are called “Power Mum” and “Angel”. Of course, the first one is a present for my mother. She was happy and thinks that it is very cute. The second one is for me. I think that those dolls are a cute accessories, even if I don’t believe in their “help”, but hey, who knows? You get in each Voodoll box a box with little magic bag where you can put them in, and they have a special cell phone strap, so that you can put them on your phone :). You can use them as key ring pendants or just put them next to your bed, on your desk (what I will do) etc. Those Voodolls shouldn’t be compared with the 2-euro-ones you can buy at the flea market for example. The most ones cost about 8,90 Euros (like the Angel, Devil, Power Mum, Power Dad ones), but there are also special editions, where you have Voodolls which look like a famous star for example. I think that Voodolls are very cute gadgets, not really expensive and a good present for friends birthdays, Mom or Dad’s day etc. Here is the link to their shop: www.voodolls.de (:


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those are cuuute :D