during the weekend, i was looking at some new outfit-posts when i discovered emilie's profile. she looks stunning and is only 14 years old! i immediately went on her blog, which, unfortunately, is in norwegian, so i didn't understand anything :( but i looked at some of her pics and thought WOW. i totally fell in love with her style, and i love her hair. fortunately, i discovered a link to the english version of her blog. she also has a youtube-channel, where she shows in some tutourials how she does her hair/make-up. i would suggest you to have a look on her blog - it's one of my favourites now!
btw, the new shoes & shirt from kk arrived today - pictures soon!
today i wrote a geography test which went quite okay, and i got 56/60 in german!:)


Anonymous said...

OMFG. You can't see anything you wrote, because the handwriting is so small!

steffi elina said...

do you mean the font Size of my entry?

Anonymous said...