summer ftw!

one week ago, it was about 23 degrees here, super sunny weather and now, just one week later, it's cloudy and rainy and only 10 degrees. and guess what? yesterday they announced on the tv that it might snow friday. WTF???
anyways, i'm in a good mood today, i don't know why.
what i ordered from KK an which should arrive this week:

-longtop in white with blue flowers, primark
-top with pink flowers, primark
-beige/nude cardigan, topshop


Anonymous said...

wu fenns dudei schein sachen op KK emmer?.. <3

Nora A. said...

du bas och süchteg noo kk, gell? :b

steffi elina said...

Jo definitif :))
ma gin meeschtens topshop, asos an primark an :p

Anonymous said...

Awesome clothes! ^^
It is so stupid about the weather.... :@