if you would know me really, would you still say i'm nice?

sorry for not posting these days, but i didn't have internet, some problem with the server or sth :O
well at a luxembourgish multimedia store there is now a very good camera called SONY ALPHA 230 for sale for only 299.- + a 18-55mm lens. this is how the camera looks:
it has 10,2 MP.
I also quite like this camera, canon 1000d. on amazon it costs 377 + the same lens. it also has 10,2 MP and looks like this:

For the Sony one my dad still has 2 lenses, but i heard that canon is a better brand. hmmm... which one do you prefer? does maybe anyone of you have one of those cameras or can somebody consider me a reflex camera under 400euros? xoxo


Nora A. said...

io :b ej heeschen doo NoraAmeliie :)

Elizabete said...

Canons rock! XO

T E H R E N A N A I I S said...

Hey sunshine,
theres a blog award for you over on my blog i will be finished posting it in about 10 minutes so check it out when you have a chance and do it if you are interested!


Anonymous said...

Take CANON, CANON is the best and professional camera. Seriously. :)