you have stolen my heart

hey! sorry for not updating that long, but i had some problems with my internet...
well but here i am :) i decided to not go to the david guetta concert. i'd really love to, but my parents said: either you go to the david guetta concert (which rather is a party) or you go to rock a field, which is a big open air festival in luxembourg. my parents didn't allow me to go there last year, and this year wasn't sure either. there are maybe 30-40% of my friends going to david guetta and 70-80% going to rock a field. i think you know my choice :) c'mon, at rock a field you have like 15 bands playing the whole day, you chill with friends, it's hot outside... and well david guetta is in a sticky hall. so i'm just waiting for the tickets to get realeased (usually in march-april) and i will order them IMEDIATELY cause last year they were sold out so quick!
my class neighbour stephanie gave me a pretty scarf for my birthday, i absolutely love it!:)
tomorrow is the last school day before our carneval holiday (1 week long). many people put on funny clothes tomorrow, like dress as ballerina, cowboy etc :) i really don't know what to wear tomorrow... i'd like to get some ideas of you :)


LISA ♥ said...

I was thinking about going to David Guetta too, but as you said, it's only a big party.. I'm maybe also going to RAF, never been there .. :)