valentine's day. just got a very cute wall entry from L. from estonia. this comment makes me miss her even more :( i really hope i meet her again this year ;)
well, valentine's day without a boyfriend (if someone cares, i'm single) but maybe that will change soon!:) having a date on tuesday with E. he's so cute and plays in a rock band *___*
today i'll order my rockafield ticket. they are only 45e now,you don't know the bans playing there yet, it's a blind ticket. but when they say who will play in two weeks, they'll cost 65e, and as i'm going anyway, i'll order them now ;)
yesterday i went shopping to trier with my family. we went to the hairdresser's first, my hair is darker now and the colour isn't that red anymore, it's mory ashy now. what i bought: pink cherry earrings and golden creoles and coconut hand lotion at claire's, wash gel, eyelash care gel, waterproof mascara and some masks at müller, new flats at nbew yorker, a coral-peach coloured cardigan, a black marylin monroe print shirt, a white cardigan and flower printed shoes at h&m. i got some magazines, glamour and joy, and i bought three books. the one i'm reading now is called kate cann-sommerfreundin, sommerfeindin. yup, german :)
have a nice valentine's day with everyone you love! hugs, steffi e.


Anonymous said...

Read the book too, really sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

wou hues du ticketen kaaft? *__* :)