you'll be able to comment NOW!

just got the advice that you can't write any comments. so i edited the html and fixed it :D now you'll be able to comment on my posts :D what i bought in the winter sales: an oversized grey-silver striped whool pullover, (10e), a long black cardigen (5e, both h&m), a grey/beige big & long whool scarf, zara, (10e), and acid wash skinny jeans in grey at pimkie for only 15 e! i don't usually buy things at pimkie, but this time i was happy to have found them :D i've been looking for THOSE jeans for weeks!
soon's weekend, yay, and in EXACTLY one month my birthday.


TehrenAnaiis said...

Hey Sugar.
I found your blog through one of your followers I believe, I love it. your very well spoken for a 14 year old girl =) I look forward to reading more from you =)

steffi elina said...

Aww thank you!;)

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