i'm back!

i'm REALLY sorry that i haven't update during the last days. school started on monday, so i was quite busy. it's boring, like always. decided one day after i got the fringe that i'm going to let it grow out, because it looks redicioulous on me. wintersales are on now, will go to h&m/zara/pimkie/mango later with frida. hope there's nice stuff. i really need to earn money. btw, you might wanna have a look on my facebook clothes on sale album. i hope you can reach it without being a friend with me on facebook. if there's something nice you want to have, just let me know. i'm sorry for never updating my today's outfit. if you want that i do so, or if you want some stuff i talk about in my blog entries, just comment on it! i noticed that i have 10 followers. i'm so happy to see that people like my blog! just continue!:D