run rabbit run

this is what i bought on wednesday. the tunica is from hm, it cost only 3e instead of 10e, the flat shoes cost 5e instead of 15e, also from hm. you can't maybe see it clear on the pic, but the little thing lying on the tunica is cream eyeshadow from urban decay, it's colour is mushroom. it did only cost 5e instead of 17e. i'm so happy with it, it has avery good art of application and it lasts quite long. see you!


Eva said...

Nice clothes.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

i just loooove h&m sale haha (:
haha, is it the 'walfer shopping center' u were in? ;D
its so awful :b

steffi elina said...

Yes it was ;)

Katy said...

I looove urban decay :]

Sanni ja Veera said...

what ! this white shirt cost in finland 20e ! wowwww