Guys, know what? I'm freakin' happy!

And just because of you, my dear readers!!! I freaked out when i red that i have already 17 followers! as i told you already in many blog entries before, i'm always so happy to see that you guys like my blog! i think it's quite cool to have blog readers from all over the world! actually, i wanted this to be a fashion blog, but i always forget to upload today's outfit pictures! i hope this will change in the nearest future! well, what i did today? i made the shoppings with mum, bought the new glamour&jolie magazine, learned mathematic and read a book called crazy. and last night, i saw "zweiohrk├╝ken" in the cinema, a german comedy. it's quite cool :D i also try to update more often, cause i got more blog readers now, too :D omg it's so crazy! about new years i had like 6 readers, and now, only 2 weeks later i have 17! seems like you are promoting my blog or something :D i found 3 outfits on lookbook i really like:this, this and this. well have a nice weekend and keep commenting my blog!


Kristiana V said...

The jeans are from H&M, the Madonna collection some years ago. I ripped them myself :)

steffi elina said...

okay, cool !:)