One test and 5 schooldays 'till chrtistmas holiday!

Today I had my mathematic test and it went quite well. i think i won't get an insufissiant mark - for one time, as i'm really a hopeless girl in mathematics :)
so i only have english test on friday - which i think will also not be too hard for me - and then we only have 2 schooldays on monday and tuesday, which i think will be really relax. my plans for the holidays? i will not go abroad. i SO need to go to the hairdresser again, because my haircolour washed out time by time and it's getting lighter, now it's dark blonde, and it was light-middle brown first! i also will go to trier shopping with friends, gping to the cinema, city etc...
and i probably will get a new cellphone for christmas, the samsung s5230 star. i think i will choose the white one. yesterday it took some pictures, here are two i really like.


J'aime said...

Tests tests tests. Eugh, they bore me sometimes.
Hope you did well though.
Christmas, I'm sort of on the fence about if I'm looking forward to it or not. I love the shopping!

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