today, i'll tell you something about luxembourg. it's quite small, one of the smallest countries in the world, 2586 km2. But +- 493.300 people live there, many foreigners. the national language is luxembourgish, but a lot of people speak french. like, when you go to h&m or another shop, they mostly speak french. we don't study the luxembourgish language at school, i mean it doesn't really have grammar. you write it like you want to. like for "i love you", you can write it as you want, like: ech hun dech gär, hun dech ger, ej hun dj gär or j hun dj gia (more sms language :D). it's a big business country, ebay has his head office here. you go to school at the age of 6, it's the primary school. you stay there for 6 six years, where you learn german 6 and french 5 years. with 12, you go to secondary school. we have two different types, the "lycée classique" and the "lycée technique". the first one is more for people who like learning and want to go to university. the second one is more for people who prefer doing a "manual" job, like carpenter, artist, plumber or mecanic... i go to the first one. from the foreigners, 16,5 % are portuguese, 5,8% are french, 4,1 % italian, 3,5% belgian, 2,5% german... but i also know some iclandic's here. we have our own airline, LUXAIR. many tourists say that it's an expensive country. that's partly true. clothes are cheaper in germany, or hairdressers. for clothes shops, we have h&m, zara, mango, ikks, jennyfer, pimkie, orsay...
hmmm i don't know what else to say about the country. :D but you should visit it once, it's a great country!


Kaz said...

wow luxembourg does sound like a great place to visit!! I wish i could, i was going to go europe over our summer break but changes to stupid airline policies won't let me now! :( it sucks!!

Thank you for following my blog love! :) x

steffi said...

thanks :)
yeah, that sounds really stupid... :/