today is my first day of the winter holidays, but unfortunately i can't enjoy it... i'm ill, since sunday! i didn't go to school on monday and i had to go to the doctor. i had a terrible sore throat and feever. yesterday i had to go to school, and i also felt a bit better. and today i'm "voiceless"! but yesterday i got my new phone!!! even if i can't use it yet, i'm happy. i chose the samsung s5230 star snow white. i so wanted a touch screen, an as iphone, omnia, htc &&& were to expensive for my parents, i chose this one for only 129 euros! on saturday or monday, we don't know yet, i'm going to trier. i so have to go to the hairdresser ( as i told already :D ) and i'm lookinf forward for new cheap monday trousers. i'm going to dye my hair middle-brown again, but i think i won't cut it as i want it lond AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! do you think i should get a fringe or something in that way? i'm not sure. PLEASE HELP ME! i'll post another picture of me and my hair. i hate how i look there, ewwww. what about you? if you want, you can post a link to my blog on your blog, so that i can get some more readers, would be very very very nice of you! love xxx


Madeleine said...

You know.. There's a "new post" button - next to it is "Edit Posts – Settings – Layout – Monetise" click the "layout" button. That'll lead you to a side where you can freely edit the whole layout. Hope you got it, if not, feel free to write me (;

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