am i shoppaholic?

when i went to h&m on thursday, frida said that i'm sooo shoppaholic. and i think she's right. but i don't know, at the moment i'm in some kind of phase were i'm always thinking: gosshhh i have nothing to wear! then, when i enter some shops, i'm just thinkin: wooow, i want all these clothes!:) yesterday evening i went to the cinema with frida. we bought tickets for new moon but after half an hour we just thought OMG it's so boring... we went to the toilet and then we just entered the movie room next to the new moon room. there was 2012. even if i saw this one already, i watched the last 60 minutes of the movie again... lol ;P
i have only two days of school left, yay! i have no clue what to do on tuesday afternoon, after school. to the city? maybe. frida is already meeting another friend of hers then, so i think i'll go with a class mate. on saturday i'm going to trier, germany. i sooo have to go to the hairdresser and i prefere them in trier. i'm going to get them darker, because the colour washed out, and now they're like dark blonde. and i want them mi-brown again :)
and... what do you think about strings? go or no go? xxx steffi elina