Hey guys! Just a quick hello. At the moment, I'm really sick and I hope I'm well again soon. I just ate a delicious strawberry and vanilla cream mix, yumm!
Last saturday was amazing, Frida and I went to see "No strings attached" and after we went to a bar and had tequila shots :D I'm really looking forward April because we're going to a one-day trip to Paris with our school and I'm going two weeks to Italy with my family. Also I got my confirmation for a two-week summer job yesterday :) BTW, do you want me to show you the pics of my trip to Berlin in December?


Kaori Jolliffe said...

ugh i hate being sick. you just don't feel like doing anything besides lying in bed all day. actually, that sounds quite nice to me, haha ^^ oh, mine is 13" :) i heavily recommend the macbook pro. the editing tools you get in iPhoto are amazing, you get a dictionary which includes a thesaurus + maaany other applications. true, microsoft office does cost a lot but it's not a crazy price.
the 15" and 17" are more for people who work with film, photography and music. the wide screen is a lot better for music editing in ableton, for example.
so if you aren't planning on making a youtube channel, becoming a dj or a full-time photographer, it would be a waste of money if you got the 15 or 17 :)