School sucks..

Heyhey :) I'm sorry for my little blogging-break, but there is just soo much stuff going on at school!
I had a Geography & German test, which didn't went sooo well, but I got my biology test from before the holidays back and I got 48/60! My French Pro's and Con's essay about supermarkets (yes....) went also much better than expected, I got 43/60 and in my art drawing I got 50/60 :D
BUT today we had this talk at school about next year.
For those who don't know: In the Luxembourgish school system, I'm now in a 4e (10th grade), and from next year on I'll have 3 years until university. And for the last "senior" years, we have to pick a special section. They are the following:
-A: Languages
-B: Maths
-C: Sciences
-D: Economies
-E: Art
-G: This one is more general.
Currently I'm really clueless about which one to pick. Some people say I should chose A because I'm good at languages, but I don't really like literature. Others say I'd be good in D, and this would probably be the most useful. Personally, I also like E, but I checked today, in the last year you have 13 hours of Art a week... Maybe a bit too much? I'm really confused.
Anyways, I have time to make my decison until June, and I'll let you know if I have some news!
Will post more 2morrow :)
And btw, R.I.P. Edie Britt! Dave is really scaring me...