Fuck Google, ask me!

Sooo I'm doing my very first Questions & Answers post, you can ask me anything (appropriate) you want, just by commenting below (not on formspring!), and I'll do a special Q&A post!
Just go ahead and ask :)


Anonymous said...

do you have pets? what is your favourite meal?

Anonymous said...

How tall are you and how much do you weight?
Do you wish you were taller or thinner?
What's your favorite designer? And magazine?
What would you like to do in the future?

Fredrika said...

What made you start your blog? :)

And, not a question, but: I tagged you in a post, so check it out and do it if you feel like it! xx

Anonymous said...

If you could have the figure/style/hair of a celebrity, who would you pick, and why?
If a star could play you in your filmography, who would it be?

Hope you like those :D