You've got the love!

Felt like sharing this song with you, it's awesome.
Tonight I made Sushi together with my mom which turned out delicious!
My plans for tonight are watching "Fashion & Fame" and "Model in einem Tag" (Model in one day).
I'm really excited for tomorrow because I'm meeting the guy I've been texting for a while now. Wish me luck♥ 
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Deniz said...

this song is so good (: and good luck for tomorrow^^and I've got a question how did you post the song without the video?

Jenny said...

thahaha, déi ass waaaay too long :p gotta go to hairdresser's :) <3

Deniz said...

danke für deine hilfe (: aber wenn ich das eingebe verändert sich das widh oder das high das ist so komisch ^^