Sorry for my abscence this week. Although, I have some news to share with you.
On Wednesday, I got an E-Mail from a German organization whom I've been to Neuerburg with from 2007-2010. They mailed me about all their camps/meetings this year. I saw something quite interesting:
A one-week nature/adventure-camp in the middle of Finland. On the program is swimming in lakes, fishing, kayaking and sleeping in tents. It's also an international camp which means that people from different countries are going to participate. I talked to my parents and they agreed :D My dad signed me up on Thursday, and we're getting the confirmation and more news on Monday. Can't wait :D There are only 3 places for people from Luxembourg, and one guy alraedy mailed me that he's going. And if everything goes right, a friend of mine from Germany and some other friends from Finland might participate, too :) We're going there by plane btw :D
That was A LOT of text. I hope you enjoyed reading this, anyways, and have a nice evening!
BTW: How do you like my new header? I love it!
xoxo Steffi


josse said...

Thank you for your feedback! And I love your header, you look so pretty :)

bianca said...

finland *_*