Naketano Online-Shop

Hello people (:
Today I want to talk about a really cool Online-Shop, it's called Naketano (click!).
On Monday, I ordered two Jackets from there (see pictures! I'm really sorry for the bad quality, had to take my old cam today!). And they arrived already yesterday! I think it's already a good point when stuff you order arrives quick, in my case within two days only.
I chose the model "Clark Allover" (click!) and "Jobst" (click!). Why did I chose these? Well, since I'm going to a Nature camp this summer (see post below), I really needed a good windbreaker, and also a bit warmer jacket (which is actually rather like a jumper). Of course I can't take one of my favourite fall coats there ;) Anyways, I'm really, really satisfied with the quality of the Jackets. The first one is rather smooth top material, the other one is rather soft and has a REALLY soft hood inside :D
I can really recommend you this site, and btw, they have sales running at the moment, and the new spring/summer 2011 collection is out as well :) So don't forget checking there store out here.


Marella said...

Sooooooo cute!