Interview with "Räubertochter"!

Today, I decided to make an Interview with the popular German blogger "Räubertochter" (engl.: The Robber's Daughter) from Good old Fashion Nightmare (click!).

How did you got introduced into blogging? My real intention was actually to start a photography blog. I aleady had a successful homepage with my pictures before starting this blog. As you can see, it didn't become a photo blog, but rather a fashion blog, because I like to dress fashionably , I'm interested in fashion and I like being an inspiration for other people :)
How did you come up with the name of your blog? My blog name comes from a song of the awesome band "Matt and Kim". Since I didn't really get a blog name on my mind, I looked through my iTunes playlist to get a bit inspired by the songs.
What are some clothing items you couldn't live without? Dresses and leather jackets. Without dresses I would kinda ran naked throught the streets. I'm the typical "I wear dresses but no trousers"-girl! Without dresses, nothing works for me. And leather jackets make it look less brave and girly.
What is the most expensive piece of clothing you've ever bought? Hmm, I guess it was my snowboardjacket, which costed around 200-300 euros. On normal "streetwear"-cliothes, I don't spend more than 100 euros. I mostly shop at H&M, Primark or Monki... and this is quite inexpensive! As a student, you can't spend that much amout of money on clothes.
How would you describe your style? Rocky, chic and often casual. Mainly comfortable!
What inspires you? Do you have a special idol? I get inspiration from other blogs, or lookbook.nu. However I only shop things I like and things I can combine according to my ideas.
Who takes your outfit pictures? The pictures are mostly taken by my lovely boyfriend.But sometimes the self-timer has to do his job!
What is your favourite city, and why? Berlin! My heart beats for Berlin. Individual, free from constraints and limitations, anonymous but friendly and lovely.
Last but not least, do you have any advice on how to have such a successfull blog with a lot of followers like you do? Mh... you should believie in it and be cut out for it. Try to comment on other blogs to make your blog popular!:)

Thank you for the time!


fashion nightmare said...

<3 herzlichen dank, meine liebe.

cindywieghardt said...

sehr schöner blog:)
Würde mich freuen, wenn du auch meinen Blog besuchen würdest:)


Sie said...

Vielen Dank! :)
Toller Blog und richtig schöne Bilder!
Liebste Grüße! :)