Hello folks!
Yes, I'm finally back :D
I wrote my last test for this term yesterday and had a day off school today because of the huge amount of snow everywhere! It snowed like hell yesterday afternoon and friends of mine were stuck in traffic for 4 hours! I went to town with F today, we went to Gare & the Christmas market, had a Hazelnut Macchiato @ Coffe Lounge and ate some churros. Now I'm having a terrible stomach ache since I ate them and feel sick. Yeah!
Oh, and I won two tickets for the "Ladies Night" (a special session at the biggest cinema in Luxembourg which shows the premiere of a ladies movie :D) in Utopolis next Tuesday night (last day of school :D) for the movie "Love and other Drugs" starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. They put my name on a list and I can pass immediately without being in the queue, yesss :D
What was your week all about? Did it also snow so much at your place? Tell!


Estelle said...

mae hunn eichten keia schoulfrei weinst schnei maderliewt :D

Saskia said...

It snows a lot, and it doesn't stop to snow in Germany. Our school has consider, whether we get "schulfrei", but they decided, that we have not- I'm worried about it^^.
There are traffics and a lot of accidents and the bus come to school comes to late in the morning.

I look forward, if you would look on my new blog, I didn't have any before: www.daiiilymoments.blogspot.com