Hello sweethearts! Today is a really snowy day, again! It snowed really much last night, the snow was like 20cm high which is very much for Luxembourg! My plans for today were meeting Jenny and going to the Eternal Tango concert at Atelier with Martine, but due to the snow we had to cancel, thank you snow! -.-
So instead, I went to the mall with my parents to look for a Christmas present for me. I had talked to my parents about the iPhone 4 a few times already, and we wanted to get some more information. I'm currently using the iPhone 3G without a flatrate, and I made a deal with mum: When I get the iPhone 4 for Christmas, she'll get my iPhone. So we went to the Orange shop, and guess what? The sale's assistant told us that all iPhone 4's are sold out... Until January. FML. They only have the one with 32GB, but I want the 16GB one, because the first one is too expensive for what I need it. Soo I'm probably only going to get my Christmas present like 2 weeks after Christmas, wooo! -.-
ANYWAYS Frida is coming over tomorrow night, and we planned to watch SATC2 (for probably the 3rd time? Haha!), go to Chatroullette, make Pizza, drink Dr. Pepper and make roasted Marshmallows - seems like a lot of fun!


Chanel-Girl said...

they are from asos

Jenny said...

yee :D dass dck gail! <3<3

Nora A. said...

wei maacht der dmarshmallowen?:p