I wanna boom bang bang with your body

I'm finally back after a very, very busy week. That also explains why I didn't have any time to post.
I've been studying (see that in studying is the verb dying? :D) all day for my French test, which was yesterday, and my Maths test, which was today. But mostly, I studied for Maths. I managed to study for 10 hours in 5 days (3 1/2 yesterday!!!). It was about Horner scheme and factorizing. I was prepared soo well, I did all the exercises from the notebook and then, I totaly sucked at the test. But I wasn't the only one. We had only one hour for the test, although we had 2 hours of maths! Nobody, and I say nobody, even the ones who always have great grades in Maths, could finish. So, I guess we'll all fail the test. And for this I studied 10 hours? NEVER AGAIN!
My French test, an argumentation about electronic cars, went quite well. Now I have one week holidays, finally! But unfortunately, the next week will be almost only about studying. The month after the holidays, we'll have tests almost every day and I really need to revise the stuff we did in class over the past weeks...
Anyways, I'm really looking forward tomorrow, because my parents decided to go shopping to Saarbrücken in Germany which is quite a big city.
Now, I'm off to check all the blogs I didn't have time to read the weeks, see you!
BTW: I'm not sure if I should get a fringe again or not. I'm quite fed up with my hair now, but should I get a fringe again? Thats what I look like with a fringe:

Last pic shows my hair at the moment. I really need your advice!!



Thank you so much for your comment!
You are very beautiful :)
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Jennifer R.Kociolek said...

Thanks for you lovely comments, it's very sweet!
See you soon,

Marloes. said...

I like the bangs on you!


WhitWatWear said...

thanks for stopping by! your blog is cute :)

Julia said...

My weeks are also very heavy and as I get home I fall is simply:) FRIDAY THE BEST! Nice blog@ :*

Anonymous said...

Hey der Pulli ist aus der aktuellen H&M Kollektion und mti 14,95 bist du dabei :)

Anonymous said...

Ohne Pony siehst du Älter aus (wobei ich ja nicht weiß wie lange die Bilder mit Pony schon her sind :)).
Aber ich fínde im Herbst/Winter passt ein Pony am besten!
Außerdem wächst der ja schnell wieder nach!