Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

1. I like if guys tell me about themselves and are just like friends.
2. Guys should be the ones who text the girl first.
3. Pretty eyes.
4. If guys make me compliments.
5. Guys holding my hand while we walk and let everone see that I'm yours.
6. I want guys to have time for me.
7. I love it when guys give me their sweater when they see that I'm freezing.
8. If they say "I love you".

I have something important to say about my giveaway!!! I edited the rules, so you DON'T have to write a post about my giveaway anymore!! Just write your name and e-mail adress under the post and the set you wanna win, that's it!!
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Marie said...

Vielen Dank :)

Ich find deinen vom Design her mal RICHTIG gut. Bei den meisten Blogs finde ich, ist zu viel Rosa & zu viel Brimborium. Deiner schockt mich an! Regelmäßig Leser nun :)

Gairah Love said...

i love this blog, it´s amazing!!! :D i follow you!!