It made my day.

What I ordered at Chocolate Company. (Also got some hot milk to drop the "Hotchocspoon" in)
What I bought on my way home (Btw, already eaten)
New batwing jumper, 3e, Camden Shop
New school bag, 30e, Springfield ( I know that many people have a bag like this atm, but I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it. I just HAD to buy it.)
And guess who's this :D


Fredrika Staf said...

yes it is! we apparently live sortof close, remember? :b
i like the jumper, and the bag too -doesn't really matter if many has similar ones ;)

sea of fashion said...

love your bag!! haha, hunn genau déi selwecht :p <3

Schokoflocke said...

the bag looks great! :)

Nora A. said...

nope, fastpasstv :3 merci!

Martine : D said...

I like ; ))