I fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter

love that kind of "norway"-jacket.
love that hair. so long, so blonde.
love hamsters. i think i'll buy one myself very soon.
love that girl's blog. my favourite one. (www.voe.blogg.no)

I love Weheartit.com


Fredrika Staf said...

Oh, I love that norway jacket thing! And thanks for the tip about the girl's blog, I'm trying to find more good ones, and hers seems great! :)

Anonymous said...

de wa wierklech iwwelst lecker *_* mh ma ech hun keng ahnung, mier sin mam auto an südfrankreich gefuer, an an su enger raststätte hat ech deen :b
ech w anach nie do O: muss ech mol hin :3

agatheloff said...

I love voe's blog too. and long, blond hair xx