(1) My favourite socks, Hello Kitty :) (2) Sex and The City DVD which I'll watch tonight (3) My eyes.
School starts in two days. I just got my Chemistry and Physic books and I really don't feel like going to school at the moment. Last night I spend most of my time reading some fashion blogs and I tried to figure out what I'll wear on Friday. Later I'll try some outfits and post pictures.


Mandyy said...

Sex And The City <3
Hun dei selwejt Stremp hh ^^
Ej freen mj e bessi fia Scheul, mee dazeu geheiert nt leiern hh =P dk, Mandy

Martine : D said...

freen mech deng outfiter ze gesin : ) wees och guer net wat ech undoen :P