Let's make pancakes!

Today I'll show you how to easily make yummy pancakes at home. You'll need (for about 8 pancakes) :
-250g flour
-250ml milk
-200ml water
-2 eggs
-2 soupspoons oil

Add the flour, eggs and oil to a bowl.

Slowly add milk & water and mix it with a electric mixer.

Now add some olive oil or butter to a pan and add some of the dough.
Fry the pancake for about one minute each side.

The first pancake is ready!!

You can add maple syrup or Nutella, both variants are yummy! :)

PLUS: What do you think of my new layout?


The-Chanel-Girl said...

I bought the bag in france :/

Btw your pancakes look really nice !


Johanna said...

I saw your blog featured in the Mädchen Magazine and now I read it nearly every day! Really like it!
The pancakes look yummy! :)

steffi elina said...

Which magazine? when? i didn't know that :D:D

Anonymous said...

i saw ya blog in the elle!!!

Alice said...

Hey there (: I also saw your blog in a german magazine called 'Mädchen'. But its few months ago (:
But since then im following, too.. and nearly checking your posts every day.Guess its pretty cool and im always happy if your updating it :) I like the new design,some colour isnt that bad :D


Alice said...

Oh je,da hab ich dich auf englisch angeschrieben..tut mir leid x)
Dankeschön das du bei meinem noch relativ neuen blog vorbeigeschaut hast (:<3
leider hab ich meine zeitschriften vor ein paar monaten ausgemistet und nur ein paar 'mädchen' behalten..wofür ich mich jetzt haasse ! aber ich werd mal denen die ich noch hab durchblättern, oder jemanden fragen (: wenn ich glück hab, sag ich dir bescheid ;)
Mag dein blog total gerne !

LinhNOTSKINNY said...

Da gibts die Kette. Pancakes yummy sie sind so leicht zu machen.

Anonymous said...

Du hast wirklich einen schönen Blog :)
Miriam vom Schminkkoffer ;-)