it feels like a home to me.

Jackie and me, Neuerburg
My room after I cleaned it up (:
Yellow flowers in my room
Mini-Donuts :D
Yoga-Music from Mum. Currently I like listening to music like that, especially in the evening before I go to bed.

What's new? I kinda got used to my home again, even if I miss everybody from Neuerburg. I try to go there as a leader next year, but I don't know yet if I'm old enough then. I also already have many other plans for next summer: I want to go with EF for two weeks to Bournemouth, England, and the Neuerburg people want to go to a camp in Spain or somewhere else at the beach for 1-2 weeks. I expect it will be a busy summer for me! :)
The good news are that my parents want to go to London with me for Christmas, EXCITED!! :)


Eva said...

The first picture is very lovely!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I sure want to do that.
I really like your blog :)
So you're on there :)

Martine : D said...

Looondon :D well onbednegt dohin :S hun haut op luxair gekukt weivill een fluch geif kaschten wan ech muar geif fortfleien haha an et war awer légèrement ze deier : (( soss waer ech dohin geflunn haha ( wann ech derft = secher net:P)

christen. said...

mmm! those doughnuts look gooood!
teehee! :)

xx, christen