EF Bournemouth 2011?

What happened this week?
Nothing much. I mainly rested the whole week at home. School's starting in 3 weeks, and I really don't wanna think about it. Eww. On Tuesday, I went to town with Martine and bought myself an oversized hoodie and a loop scarf from H&M. On Wednesday, I went to town with Joe and later we went to the cinema and watched "Grown Ups", it was really funny! On Monday, I'm going to Trier. I really need some new clothes for autumn!

Oh, and btw, I'm planning to do a Language course with EF to Bournemouth, England. Anyone did that before? Well, the beach seems nice:


Anonymous said...

deen groen gestreckten? deen hun ech sou gaer! mee en ass aaaaal an zitt fiedem -.-
ech hun su ähnlecher gesin am zara, mee d aerm sin wi bei engem tshirt.
se hun se am groen, beige, an schwarz mengen ech :)
schein fotoen, xxx

Anonymous said...

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