last buys

Sorry for not posting the few days. I was shopping in Saarbrücken (D), this is what I bought.

cute scarf, 13e
Sex and The City Fanshirt, Review, 10e
Longsleeve, Vero Moda, 15e
Skinny Jeans, Only, 25e
Playsuit, H&M, 10e
Flower Dress, No-Name Shop, 15e

I also bought some flats, I'll show you them tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I'm going to the hairdresser and I don't know yet HOW I'll colour my hair... I know that I don't wanna keep it as it is now (light caramel brown). I thought about dark blonde... Hm... Any tips?


Mandyy said...

Dn Carrie T-Shirt ass flott :)
Du bass wiaklej een Sex and the City Fan hh <3 <3

Anonymous said...

dark blonde would be nice! Or ginger?
something different! ;)

Anonymous said...

ech hun en neien blog gemach(:
follow mej :D
ech hun dech och geefollowt, xx