it's gonna be a hot summer, a hot hot summer

Omg, it's sooo hot here in Luxembourg at the moment, 33 degrees!
Guess what? I got my camera today!!! I finally chose Sony Alpha 230L and I'm sooo happy with it! It takes great pictures. I will take some more today and show you :)
Last night was also really nice. As I said, we went with our class to "Coyote" and it was really funny. Later we went to "Le PM" in Luxembourg city and I had fun while we were dancing in the disco.
I also wanna say thank you to the three people who are following me now.
For everybody who's following me at the moment: my blog will be more interesting as soon as possible. Now that I have my new camera, I'll be able to take better quality pictures.
So guys, tell me what you'd like me to photograph and show you!


Lara said...

du brauchst einfach nur ein drucker, und so folien die extra zum aufbügeln sind. und dann must du es halt mim bügeleisen draufbügeln (:

Anonymous said...

haha, yeah I am actually!
on tumblr everyone is hating holland. that is like most funny :p


LinhNOTSKINNY said...

I want to buy Nikon D3000 :D

Elizabete said...

That's awesome! Can't wait for new camera photos. :) + Thank you for the comment!