My new bag & more

This is my new schoolbag. Bought it today for 25e at H&M.
I didn't buy the one of my last post because this is better for school (bigger) and looks better for me.
I realised that my three favourite bags are all black/gold, hehe!
Today I had lunch with Martine (click!) and I also had sports class. We played football and ping-pong, boring, I know. I also sold my veeeery old Sony Ericsson cellphone for 10euros to a girl from my class, yeah!

My new plan is to loose 5 kilos. I've gaigned some weight since winter, and I want to loose it again.
So I have to eat healthier.
(P.S.: I you have some questions, don't forget to ask me on my formspring!)


Martine : D said...

waat fw muss du 5 kg ofhuelen? dat hues de zwar net neidech ; ) ech hat emmer den selwechten handy wei deen deens de em stepha gin hues haha an dneg nei posch ass deck cool :)

LinhNOTSKINNY said...

looks good!

Anonymous said...

ech muss och ofhuelen an hun dei selwejt posch. bähm.