you say jump, i say how high

So this is what I wore today. Sorry for not being able to take full outfit pictures outside lately, but I'm looking forward to, as I have one week holidays now.
Top - Primark
Shorts - New Yorker
Yesterday, I was outside with Frida in the afternoon, and we went to Auchan where I bought 4 new bracelets at H&M.
Tomorrow, I'm going to meet Esteban in the city and we'll look what we do.
And yeah, on tuesday, i'll finally go to Trier with Frida!!
Looking forward to.
As you can see, I edited my fonts and the header. Do you like it?
I think the header is quite nice!


Leopard-Shoes said...

You have amazing pictures :D

AMK said...

Awesome header

Leopard-Shoes said...

thank you so much , have a nice day , because today in luxembourg its really hot (i know that because I live in luxembourg too ^^


Milez said...

I love the top :)