so, i was in trier today. this is what i bought:
2 magazines: jolie and joy, 1,90e each
2 pairs of jeggings, dark ones tally weijl, 19,90e, light ones h&m, 14,90e
while longtop, h&m, 4,95e
black bolero with pearls/sequins on the shoulders, 7,50e (sale)
cute navy blue/white striped top with a bunny,tally weijl 15e
I have to say that i fell in love with some Tally Weijl clothes. They have really nice clothes. A shame that there is no store in Luxembourg :/
I also bought brown nailpolish, Maybelline Jade Mineral Make-Up and a new pouder foundation, nivea.


Nora A. said...

woah :D wu huesde deen dann kaaf?