it's getting late but i don't mind

today, david guetta plays just 1km next to my house in luxexpo and i can't go :(
the tickets were sold out so quick!
but hey, i'm looking forward going to Rock a Field festival on 28th June and Amy MacDonald on 13th July, where i will go with Tammy. After, we might go clubbing in Clausen because it's the last day of school and the concert is in Clausen as well (Abbaye Neum√ľnster).
As you know, I'm on Formspring now!
So just dare and ask me anything! <3


Anni said...

haha I wrote a post right at the moment with the same titel because of hearing memories all the time, what a hap :D

Kristiana V said...

you could have just gone to luxexpo, and sit outside because the doors were all open and you could hear and see him from the outside too :D:D