HOW TO: Strawberry Milkshake

Summer is coming soon, the weather is getting sunnier and sunnier! I really want a strawberry milkshake now. Today, I'm gonna share a yummy strawberry milkshake recipie with you.
Things you'll need (for one shake):
-a Mixer
-a huge cup or a bowl
-6-8 strawberries
-+- 120ml fresh milk
-2-3 teaspoons of white sugar

Put the strawberries in the cup. Take the mixer and mix them until they are kinda liquid. then add milk and sugar and mix it again, you can use the mixer or a spoon.
Then pour it in a glass and enjoy!
You can share the recipie on your blog if you want to, but please ask before you use the picture!


Sassi said...

yummie... strawberries are sooo delicious!

Monya said...

die Tasche ist leider nicht so mein Geschmack :D..falls ich gewinne kannst du sie gerne haben^^

Marie said...

Sieht sehr lecker aus, danke für das Rezept, werde es demnächst vielleicht mal ausprobieren :)