yes sir, i can boogie

you can't imagine how sorry i am for not updating during two weeks!! but as you know, i was on holiday in italy & switzerland. and i bought SO MANY things:
-a denim dress
-new skinny jeans
-chanel earrings
-make-up and nailpolish
-some mini-shorts (hotpants)
-a scarf, a mix between marine look and gucci
-a high-waisted skirt &&& many things!!!
i'm happy to be home, but also reality catches you really fast again and i feel kinda depressed, as i don't get on well at all with two people who used to be my best friends and now it is kinda hard to read on facebook how much both of them miss each others and yea... they just give a shit on me, just because i don't party all weekend, get drunk and behave like an asshole, i mean, there are more important things, right?
and yea, one more thing, i realised during the holidays that i'm really in love :) i just gotta tell him, but don't know how yet ;S
and tomorrow i'll go to the hairdresser and meet friends from the summer vacation, so will make a picture update after!
ly :)