i'll never be the same if we ever meet again

Hello my dear blogreaders! I tried to change my layout with a picture I have on my PC but it didn't work, can you please tell me how it works?
I think it is very nice, not so boring white as it was.
Yesterday I took all the clothes, scarves etc which I don’t wear anymore out of my wardrobe and put them in a bag which my mom probably will take to a 2ND hand shop!
And yea, I think my wardrobe doesn’t look so messy anymore.
I’m just back from Auchan. I bought grey jeggings at H&M, I like them very much! I also tried on a nice stiped tunica from the BLUE collection, I think I’ll buy it soon!
Today is the première of Alice in Wonderland 3D. Unfortunately I don’t have time to watch it today! Maybe I’ll gonna watch it at the weekend, if I get around with all of the upcoming test, ughhh!
Today I drank TAO for the first time. I don’t know if you know it, it’s a vitally drink which exists in three flavours, I bught the green tea one, and I liked it a lot!
Tomorrow, it's my friend from Estonia, Lizbeth, 's 17th birthday. Here 2 pics showing both of us during the international summer camp 2009!


Anonymous said...

cute pictures :D