just a normal tuesday evening

hey! as i told you already, i sell some clothes of mine on facebook. and i already sold stuff for 30 euros :D and a friend of a really good friend of me (claire) will buy my american apparel jacket. for 30 euros ;D and from that money, i will buy stuff from another girl who sells their clothes on facebook ;D a black-white striped long t-shirt, which isn't really a dress (u will understand ;D) , for 12 euros from promod, a tunica from h&m for only 5 euros and maybe a bag :D yep, i'm really a SHOPPAHOLIC! or better a CLOTHAHOLIC :D no, joking. on saturday night i will probably watch new moon in the cinema, if i find someone to go with! tomorrow, i have a french test waiting. i only have 4 test left ;)