yesterday i saw such a nice longsleeve at zara. it was black-white striped. actually, i was looking for a white-navyblue striped one, but this will be okay, too. it costs also only 15 euros- cheap for zara. i shop a lot at zara and h&m. right now, i'm wearing two things from there :D a black top and a light denim blouse. i'm also wearing my new jeggings which i bought two weeks ago at new yorker in saarbr├╝cken, germany. i don't have any examns till next thursday. maybe i go to the shishabar on friday with some friends, donno yet. i think i will buy the longsleeve tomorrow, when i go to auchan (some kind of french shopping mall in my city) with my friend frida. she's albanian and lives next to me, she's 2 years older than me. we're so different, but although we're really good friends. she wasn't at school today (we're not at the same school but every morning, we take the same bus), i think it was because she's still so tired from the bring me the hourizon & a day to remember concert that she visited last night.
what will i do today? i have a lot of homework in french. and i have to clean up my room. ttyl ;D