Saturday afternoon

As I promised already yesterday to upload some pictures, I took new ones today. Here is the best one. I think my eyes look pretty beautiful in this. Actually, I have a Pentax Optio M4, but I so wanna have one of those black, big ones, where you can get so amazing pictures!
Today, I looked on hm.com the new Jimmy Choo collection. Aww... they have so amazing things there, but unfortunately, I don't have enough money to buy them. I'm thinking about getting a mini-job, like babysitting or tutoring some children form the primary school in my city. Have to think about it. And I so wanna do a students exchange in summer 2010, but it seems to be quite difficult to convince my parents for that... If you have any ideas, let me know.
Well, I have to study now, Mathematics. We do vectors and stuff like that...